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Announcement (20.08.2020)

Announcement (20.08.2020)
August 20, 2020 webdev

Welcome to my new Blog!  I hope it informs, and occasionally entertains, our parents, students and staff. 


The first thing I must do is to thank and congratulate everybody on an excellent first two days of online and face-to-face teaching, or rather: mask-to-mask!


It is remarkable that online learning got off to such a smooth start after the summer break, with everyone moving to new classes, although I know that some of you were frustrated by internet issues. Mr Ilgar is reconfiguring some things to make life easier for you, and we will take further steps as required.


The physical return of the older students last week was exceptionally impressive, Well done to everyone concerned. Their arrival on both afternoons was very smooth, their lessons went ahead normally and (on Friday) breaks and dismissal were also outstandingly effective. It was great that people reflected on Thursday’s experience (which itself was OK) and made rapid improvements.  Social distancing was well maintained and the wearing of masks was highly consistent. Face shields were more difficult to enforce. Please remember that the rule at present is for both to be worn in class, although they are not necessary when your desk has a screen around it, as those in three classrooms now do. In those rooms, we can also reduce the distance between students to one metre (three feet). 


I know that parents of the older students are asking why we are working from 12:30 – 4:30 pm.  The answer is that the mornings are reserved for our younger children, so that we can maintain social distancing. Unfortunately, those students are not yet permitted to return to the campus. If this does not change soon, we will change the times of the secondary day to something more like normal.  We really hope that the authorities will allow us to open for all of our students very soon.


I have very much enjoyed my first few days at BISA. The BFI Board are very supportive, my new colleagues are hard working and enthusiastic, and the students are responsible and cooperative. It has been good to meet some parents as they have come to register their children, and I am delighted to find out how positive you are about our school. I am very grateful to you all and I look forward to a successful year.


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